We enjoyed our conversation with Andrea so much because of her vulnerability and honesty, two things we need more of in our church communities. ~Caitlin Jordan, TheCourage.com (Interview for Kirk Cameron’s, The Campfire)

Endearing and heartfelt… Loved hearing her heart. ~Rebecca H., Women’s Ministry Leader

Andrea’s dependency on the Holy Spirit…not only for His words, but also for His strength…inspired me, personally. Her transparency and vulnerability made her easy to relate to.  All throughout our time together, her words and actions shared the message of joyful surrender, ‘Lord, here I am, send me!’ ~Jennifer C.

Andrea spoke to our ladies at a retreat in April 2016. Her honesty and openness were genuine. Her words brought hope to our ladies who have been on the same road. Her use of scripture to support her actions provided tools for us to take on our journeys. I highly recommend her for your event. ~Trish I.

Andrea was a captivating speaker. She was relatable and biblically based. I appreciated her realistic approach to her presentation. I would be happy to hear her speak again. ~Allison T.

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