I’m honored to have been a guest on the following podcasts. Click to listen.

What an honor to get to chat with Lisa Lewis on her incredible podcast, Let Go. Lean In! We talked for over an hour before we started recording! Perhaps that’s what happens when you put an #enneagram6 and an #enneagram7 together. She is a gracious host and a new friend.

She’s so fun, her voice and spirit is calming, and her content is always honest, rich, and encouraging. It will take you only seconds of being with her to know that her heart is for you!

What an incredible joy to share a bit of my trauma healing story with The Joy Prescription on their beautiful podcast. The episode is aptly titled, “Walking WITH Women Through Trauma.”
You’ll hear me share a bit about enneagram, my three favorite tips to approach healing, and a well-worn prayer that has been helpful to me. We also talk about the challenges and benefits of getting to a place of receiving grace and living in compassion for others.

Resiliency: “I do not think it means what you think it means.” ~Inigo Montoya, Princess Bride (loosely adapted)

I had the sheer privilege of talking with my friend and Transformational Leadership Coach, Lisa Lewis, on her podcast again. We focused on the valuable topic of Resiliency this time. I could have talked for hours with her about this!!

If you listen, thank you! And if you like it, please go follow Lisa on IG, and share the podcast episode with your people.

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