Andrea2Andrea Stunz has been a Christ-follower from the age of seven when she met Jesus at a Heritage Singers concert in Brazil. She is the committed wife of one, loving mom of three amazing adult children, grateful mother-in-law and ridiculously proud grandmother. A well-traveled Texan, having lived in Brazil, Asia, and the UK, Andrea finds joy in her family, grace in her friends, purpose in a story, beauty in the sunrise, wonder in her travels, and hope in Colossians 1:17. Andrea longs to encourage other women by sharing stories because “a story worth living is a story worth sharing”. Find more from her at AndreaStunz.com.

I would count it a holy and humble honor to speak to your group. I am a firm believer that a story worth living is a story worth sharing. I have gained immeasurable wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration throughout my years from listening to the stories of others. In a “pay it forward” sort of way, my heart’s desire is to encourage women through the stages of life and spread the hope that I have found through surviving my life stages. Simply put, we need each other.

Speaking topics I enjoy sharing about include but are not limited to:

♥ Trusting God When our World is Not Safe

♥ Who We Are (and Are Not) as Christian Women

♥ The Beauty and the Beast of Living in Community

♥ Surviving and Savouring the Parenting Years

♥ Navigating the Empty Nest Years

Being a Mom of Adult Children

♥ Marriage Matters

Navigating and Sur-thriving Betrayal Trauma

Finding Balance Between a Mary-like head and a Martha-like Heart

♥ Living a Nomadic Life

Speaking the Language of Empathy through Enneagram

I am always open to other topics. I would be happy to tailor talks based on your group’s spiritual needs.

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