Full-Circle Proofreading


Why do you need a proofreader? In short, proofreading services are quick and cost-effective, leaving you time and resources for more extensive and vital copy and developmental edits. Typically, the final stage of the editing process, a thorough proofreading will polish things up and bring your project full circle.

Along with my project-based rates below, I am available to discuss a flat, monthly rate for your company, organization, or personal business. This could include any proofreading projects (images, emails, newsletters, marketing ads, etc.) you have throughout the month on a priority basis. I can help catch any lingering issues to make your projects and publications look polished and professional.

I like to think of myself as a kind and gentle editor. That doesn’t mean I’m not a perfectionist, though. I make corrections following CMOS (Chicago Manual of Style) as a rule, while leaving your voice and style intact.


  • I offer a comprehensive pass to check for grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Proofreading is not a final edit, content edit, or developmental edit.
  • Documents and manuscripts over 5000 words will require half payment upfront with the remaining half payable within two days of the final invoice.

Flat Rate:
$.07/word (based on original document word count)

Projected Turnaround Timeline:
Up to 500 words……………….Three Business Days
Up to 1000 words……………..Five Business Days
Up to 2000 words……………..Seven Business Days
Up to 5000 words……………..Ten Business Days
Up to 10000 words……………Fourteen Business Days
Over 10000 words…………….Let’s talk!

Website/Magazine/PDF/Document Services

I will check for grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation issues throughout your website or magazine on pages of your choosing. 

Flat Rate:
$25/static page (Excludes individually-dated entries such as blog posts or articles. These are priced according to the document/manuscript rates above.)

Projected Turnaround Timeline:
1 page/day

  • Send Word documents and/or page links to andreastunz@gmail.com.
  • Payment will be due within two business days after the document is returned to the client.
  • I invoice through PayPal. Paypal’s service fees are to be paid by the client.


Andrea is wonderful to work with! We’ve worked together on several projects already and am looking forward to working with her more! She is professional and always kind. Her attention to detail is impeccable! She cares about each client and aims to provide the best product for each client’s specific needs. ~Stacey Covell, One Word Editing

Andrea’s editorial skills help the writer to flourish with her keen eye. Not only is she gifted but she also brings a spirit of collaboration and respect to writers and their work. ~Terri Fullerton, Writer at TerriFullerton.com

Andrea is a thoughtful reader who provides insightful recommendations. She is careful to honor a writer’s voice as she offers ideas to clarify a message. She is prompt, thorough, and always kind. ~Kelly Richards, Speaker and Writer at MrsDisciple.com

Andrea is reliable, professional, and conscientious in all that she does. She will work with you to learn what you want in a project and make it the best that it can be. Her attention to detail and care for people makes her a joy to have on your team.~Jill Richardson, Author and Writer at JillRichardson.com

Andrea showed initiative, diligence, and honesty. She is on her way to becoming a great copy editor. ~Connie Bennett, Author, I blew my diet! Now what? and Sugar Shock

I could not be more pleased with Andrea’s work on my One Sheet for my speaking ministry. Her communication was not only great, but she was able to edit without removing my voice from the page. I highly recommend Full-Circle Proofreading. ~Jemelene Wilson, Speaker and Writer

“The first draft reveals the art; revision reveals the artist.”
~Michael Lee

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