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Your voice, your words, from beginning to end – elevated.

Why do you need an editor? 
In short, you’ve worked hard on your project and it is worth being as polished to perfection as much as is humanly possible.

Why do you need me as your editor.
Previous clients have stated I’m a kind and gentle editor with a direct approach. I strive for excellence, but with what I like to think of as a softer, yet thorough, pink-pen approach. Further, I’m an avid reader and writer myself. This enables me to understand the world of a writer, author, and creator – your world. I am trustworthy with a very strong and honest work ethic. Marion Roach Smith, author, memoir coach and teacher of memoir writing, explains she has stretch marks from every book she’s worked on. I have found this to be true for me as well.

My genre of choice is non-fiction, specifically memoir. However, I have edited fiction, self-help, and a host of articles, resumes, one-sheets, and smaller projects. I have also done extensive website content creation and editing for Christian organizations and media outlets.

Hiring an editor for any level of editing allows you to focus on your message. Let someone else handle the details! In the long run, a thorough edit will maximize your time and enhance the quality of your work.

Along with project-based rates, I am available to discuss a flat, monthly rate for your church, company, organization, or personal business. This could include any editing projects (images, emails, newsletters, marketing ads, presentations, etc.) you have throughout the month on a priority basis. I can help catch any lingering issues so your projects and publications will look polished and professional.

As a rule, I follow CMOS (Chicago Manual of Style) guidelines, while leaving your voice and style safely intact.


Project-based rate for documents and manuscripts will be hourly or per word. This will be determined as your project needs are discussed. Contact me to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

With a keen eye attuned to detail, projects will be thoroughly checked based on the editorial service chosen.

Projected Manuscript Turnaround Timeline:
Sample Edit: Free up to 300 words. $100 for up to 2000 words – credited to your project invoice upon booking my services.
Editorial Assessment: One to two weeks.
Line Edit: Three to six weeks.
Copy Edit: Two to four weeks.
Proofread: Two to four weeks.
Fact-Checking: Determined by the complexity and length of the project.
Formatting: Determined by the complexity of criteria and length of the project.

If you’re not sure what level of editorial work you need, click here to find clarification for the different types of edits. Or, schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss what you might need as well as pricing.


Let me help your work shine!

Policy Manual
Document Services

I will check for grammar, flow, voice, tone, syntax, spelling, and punctuation issues throughout your project. 

Flat rate per static page. (Excludes individually-dated entries such as blog posts or articles. These are priced according to the document/manuscript rates above.)

Projected Turnaround Timeline:
Determined by complexity and size of the project.

*Services are priced either a la carte by price/word, by the hour, or in a package deal. If booking a package, the projected timeline will overlap but could extend by only a week or two. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss what you might need and pricing.
*Documents and manuscripts over 2000 words will require half payment upfront with the remaining half payable within two days of the final invoice.
*I invoice through PayPal and Zelle. Paypal’s service fees will be included in the client’s invoice.
*Unless otherwise agreed upon, payment is required prior to delivering final edited project.


Andrea is wonderful to work with! We’ve worked together on several projects already and am looking forward to working with her more! She is professional and always kind. Her attention to detail is impeccable! She cares about each client and aims to provide the best product for each client’s specific needs. ~Stacey Covell, One Word Editing

Andrea’s editorial skills help the writer to flourish with her keen eye. Not only is she gifted but she also brings a spirit of collaboration and respect to writers and their work. ~Terri Fullerton, Writer at TerriFullerton.com

Andrea is a thoughtful reader who provides insightful recommendations. She is careful to honor a writer’s voice as she offers ideas to clarify a message. She is prompt, thorough, and always kind. ~Kelly Richards, Speaker and Writer at MrsDisciple.com

Andrea is reliable, professional, and conscientious in all that she does. She will work with you to learn what you want in a project and make it the best that it can be. Her attention to detail and care for people makes her a joy to have on your team.~Jill Richardson, Author and Writer at JillRichardson.com

Andrea showed initiative, diligence, and honesty. She is on her way to becoming a great copy editor. ~Connie Bennett, Author, I blew my diet! Now what? and Sugar Shock

I could not be more pleased with Andrea’s work on my One Sheet for my speaking ministry. Her communication was not only great, but she was able to edit without removing my voice from the page. I highly recommend Full Circle Proofreading. ~Jemelene Wilson, Speaker and Writer

“The first draft reveals the art; revision reveals the artist.”
~Michael Lee

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